Giant Head of President Eisenhower and the World’s Largest Peanut

These two things do not really have anything in common besides I saw them both on a recent trip and they are on and I am obsessed with all things

We took a quick trip to Missouri and I had to stop and get some pics along the way.  I am grateful that my hubby (and our granddaughter who was with us) are willing to indulge me.

First stop was the Giant Head of President Eisenhower.  Denison, TX is the birthplace of President Dwight D. Eisenhower, and the large bust by artist David Adickes can be seen at the Eisenhower Veterans Monument.


Denison, TX – Birthplace of President Eisenhower

Address: Loy Lake Rd., Denison TXDirections:  Southwest of town.  US Hwy 75 exit 67, on the west side, at the entrance to Loy Lake Park. I also took a pic with the prez.


Unfortunately my photographer took a little too much off the top of Eisenhower’s head.  But still, I was there…haha!

Our next stop was the World’s Largest Peanut.  What isn’t mentioned is it is actually the World’s Largest Peanut…in Oklahoma.  But that’s okay.  I was a little underwhelmed but not undeterred. 


Durant, Oklahoma – World’s Largest Peanut

Address:  300 W. Evergreen St., Durant, OK

Directions:  City Hall.  US 75/69 to town, then east on US 70/Main St.  Drive about 1.5 miles, then left on 3rd Ave.  The peanut is one block north, on the corner of 3rd and Evergreen. 

We found where we thought the peanut was supposed to be and drove right past it.  Circled back and realized that ooohhhh….that little thing on the corner is the peanut.  I really was expecting a HUGE peanut but alas I was a little disappointed.  No worries though, I still love and will continue to make stops! 

Well there you have it folks!  I can now check those two places off of my list!

(((hugs))) ~lisa



Hotel Vanity Kit

On our recent trip to the O’Brien Historic Boutique hotel in the wonderful San Antonio, TX (one of my favorite cities), I was delighted to find a “Vanity Kit” in the bathroom amidst the Joseph Abood soaps and toiletries.  What would be found nestled inside this sweet little box?  We will soon find out…


Honestly, I really had no idea what would be included.  I mean, what do you think is in a Vanity Kit?  I opened it up and at first glance I could see something that looked like q-tips and some cotton things.


I wasn’t sure exactly what was included so I gingerly took the small package out of the box.  The anticipation was killing me!  😉


Inside the box was an emery board, some very soft cotton squares and several q-tips.  I suppose that those items could take care of just about any vanity need that I may have.


I of course googled “hotel vanity kit” and apparently there’s a whole industry for this.  Who knew? 

(((hugs)))  ~lisa