DIY Lampshade Makeover

I had this lamp that I knew would one day would find a forever home in my house.  I wasn’t sure if it would remain in the current state or evolve into something else. 

This past week it evolved into something else. 

The lamp base was originally a dark color and this is the lampshade that came with it.  I spray painted the base white and knew I had to do something about the shade.

first lampshade

I purchased a plain white shade and got it for a steal at $2 at what was once Garden Ridge.  I can’t remember what it is going to become but I was just happy to find the lampshade so cheap!

plain lampshade

I knew that it just needed a little bit of awesomeness to liven it up.

plain shade 

I had some pretty ribbon from a previous project that I hot glued around the top and bottom of the lampshade.

 hot gluing ribbon

ribbon being glued on

I then of course forgot to take pics of the next part but I used the twine leftover from the twine covered glass jar project { click here to see that } and wrapped it around the middle of the shade.  I wanted it to be thick enough that it looked like a band around the middle. 

I then added a pre-made burlap flower to the middle of the band of twine.

finished shade

And that was it!  Pretty easy peasy to transform a plain, boring lampshade into something cute!

Did you notice that super cute light switch cover?  That’s another DIY project that you can do to!  Read more about it by clicking HERE

lampshade makeover 1 

{Confession time}

I didn’t take into account where the lamp shade wires were.  I was solely concentrating on keeping the seam of the shade to the back.  When I put in a bulb, this is what I saw.

view with light on

Not exactly how I would have planned that and I glued the flower on and it wasn’t coming off easily so for now, I’ll just live with it.

What have you created lately?  Did it turn out as you expected? 

Stay awesome!! ~lisa


Quick DIY Bookshelf

I collect Nancy Drew books and have since I was a kid.  Not the new ones but the *vintage* ones.  I occasionally still re-read them and if you have any that you don’t want…send them my way…haha!!  No, seriously, send them to me.  😉

When I moved into my new office/craft space I wanted to have my Nancy Drew books out where I could see them.  We had some extra wood left over from the shelves we installed in the closet, admittedly I was the one *that* calculated wrong, so I asked the hubby to help me create a simple bookshelf and he obliged! 

We had two pieces of wood that were 50” each in length so we used those for the outside frames.  I knew that the bookshelf would be holding my Nancy Drew collection so we calculated the number of books and the number of shelves to figure out spacing etc.  We ended up with four 15” wide shelves.  Your measurements would of course vary depending on the wood that you are using.  The cuts would leave scraps but for me that’s just a bonus as I think of them as future craft projects.  🙂

We measured the wood and he cut it down for me.

cutting the wood
{ if you look close you can see him making sawdust…haha! }

Then *we* began building the frame.  I say we because I was holding the nails and taking pics.  Both of which I consider crucial to the outcome of the project.  😉

putting the frame together


The frame is complete!

complete frame

My hubby hung the shelf from a tree so that I could spray paint it.

hanging the shelf in the tree

Now don’t ask me why I don’t have a pic of the bookshelf hanging from the tree.  I mean, my only two jobs, aside from spray painting, were to hold the nails and take pics.  Oh well..

Here is the finished product. I chose gold because I was actually painting something else gold (that blog post is coming soon!) and so I thought it would be fun to have something else in the office that was gold as well.

painted shelf

Here’s the wall where it will hang.

where it will hang

Here’s the hubby using his awesome hanging skills to hang the shelf for me.


And here’s how it looks!  I’m not really adding anything else to the shelf as it is actually behind the door that is never closed so no one will ever really see it.  Except y’all, who are reading this blog…haha!!  If you have any ideas on how to liven it up, I’m all ears.  I’m just smiling because I can see it from my desk so that makes me happy. 😉

the finished shelf

And that’s it!  Super easy peasy and we completed this entire project in one day. 

What projects have you completed lately?

Stay awesome!! ~lisa