World’s Largest Rocking Chair…and a High Five

On the way to St. Louis to see the Gateway Arch we stopped in Fanning, MO to see the World’s Largest Rocking Chair.  Unlike the World’s Largest Peanut in Oklahoma, this rocking chair was truly LARGE!!


They had a cute little store next to it so we stopped in to browse.


I met a friend when we walked in.


There was a stuffed bear in the store and I cannot resist a high five opportunity.


My hubby said I only got like 3 inches of air on my jump so I tried it again.  The second attempt was better.  It looks like I jumped higher, right?


I think my hubby and the bear were doing a new line dance or something. 


Thanks for finding us cool places to visit! 


(((hugs))) ~lisa


Giant Head of President Eisenhower and the World’s Largest Peanut

These two things do not really have anything in common besides I saw them both on a recent trip and they are on and I am obsessed with all things

We took a quick trip to Missouri and I had to stop and get some pics along the way.  I am grateful that my hubby (and our granddaughter who was with us) are willing to indulge me.

First stop was the Giant Head of President Eisenhower.  Denison, TX is the birthplace of President Dwight D. Eisenhower, and the large bust by artist David Adickes can be seen at the Eisenhower Veterans Monument.


Denison, TX – Birthplace of President Eisenhower

Address: Loy Lake Rd., Denison TXDirections:  Southwest of town.  US Hwy 75 exit 67, on the west side, at the entrance to Loy Lake Park. I also took a pic with the prez.


Unfortunately my photographer took a little too much off the top of Eisenhower’s head.  But still, I was there…haha!

Our next stop was the World’s Largest Peanut.  What isn’t mentioned is it is actually the World’s Largest Peanut…in Oklahoma.  But that’s okay.  I was a little underwhelmed but not undeterred. 


Durant, Oklahoma – World’s Largest Peanut

Address:  300 W. Evergreen St., Durant, OK

Directions:  City Hall.  US 75/69 to town, then east on US 70/Main St.  Drive about 1.5 miles, then left on 3rd Ave.  The peanut is one block north, on the corner of 3rd and Evergreen. 

We found where we thought the peanut was supposed to be and drove right past it.  Circled back and realized that ooohhhh….that little thing on the corner is the peanut.  I really was expecting a HUGE peanut but alas I was a little disappointed.  No worries though, I still love and will continue to make stops! 

Well there you have it folks!  I can now check those two places off of my list!

(((hugs))) ~lisa




A Visit With Owney, Mascot of the Railway Mail Service

I am a HUGE fan of the Roadside America (your online guide to offbeat tourist attractions) website.  In fact, I rarely travel anywhere without first researching where I am going on the website and the app on my phone, and this trip was no exception.

Case in point, we were visiting DC and I wanted to know what odd and unusual roadside attractions that I definitely had to see.  I saw the info about  Owney, the stuffed Postal Dog and knew that it was definitely on the list.  Our trip to DC was to celebrate my husbands retirement after 29+ years of service to the USPS so this cool attraction fit right in. 


At the top of the escalator, before you head down to the Smithsonian National Postal Museum, there is a statue of Owney greeting you. 

National Postal Museum – 2 Massachusetts Ave. NE, Washington DC
Hours:  Daily 10 am – 5:30 pm.
Phone:  202-633-5555
Admission:  Free!

-Photo of a card provided at the National Postal Museum store

So here’s Owney up close and personal.  Don’t let the glassy eyed stare fool you, he was a cute little dog. 


This little guy was a stray and the USPS mail clerks grew to love him.  He had found his “forever home” except his “forever home” was not just in one place! 

He started taking trips and as the card above mentions, Owney collected tags, tokens, trinkets and medals from his travels.



I love seeing little quirky things like this.  They are little nuggets of useless info that I will store in my brain for later use.  You never know who might ask if anyone knows who the mascot of the railway mail service is…and I’ll know the answer!

Me – “Alex, I’ll take animal mascots for $1000.”
Alex – “This dog is the mascot of the U.S. railway mail service.”
Me – “Who is Owney?”
::ding::  ::ding::  ::ding::

And then I’ll get the answer right and probably win a million dollars or something. 

I picked up some *OWNEY* postcards to mail to all of our grandkids. I thought it would be cool for them to receive some mail from Nana and Poppy while we were on our trip so I bought a bunch of postcard stamps before we left.  Seriously, I’m singlehandedly trying to revive the whole postcard/snail mail industry.

-Photo of postcard at the National Postal Museum

  • Have you ever checked out the Roadside America website?
  • What cool places have you been lately or what quirky things have you seen?

(((hugs))) ~lisa