World’s Largest Rocking Chair…and a High Five

On the way to St. Louis to see the Gateway Arch we stopped in Fanning, MO to see the World’s Largest Rocking Chair.Β  Unlike the World’s Largest Peanut in Oklahoma, this rocking chair was truly LARGE!!


They had a cute little store next to it so we stopped in to browse.


I met a friend when we walked in.


There was a stuffed bear in the store and I cannot resist a high five opportunity.

Β DSC03148

My hubby said I only got like 3 inches of air on my jump so I tried it again.Β  The second attempt was better.Β  It looks like I jumped higher, right?


I think my hubby and the bear were doing a new line dance or something.Β 


Thanks for finding us cool places to visit!Β 

Β  IMG_4955

(((hugs))) ~lisa