Gargoyles, Carvings, the Gift Shop and Stuff

So this would be the only pic of a gargoyle that I got.  And that’s because it was one of the ones damaged in the earthquake and was on display in the Pilgrim Observation Gallery.  I guess I need to invest in a telephoto lens or something.   


All around the Cathedral they have gargoyles and grotesques.  Very interesting and cool to learn about.  I checked out the National Cathedral website and found 5 things you need to know about gargoyles and grotesques. 

  • Gargoyles are part of the gutter system.
  • Grotesques and gargoyles are not the same thing.
  • Nobody knows how gargoyles came about.
  • Gargoyle blocks extend far back into the Cathedral.
  • Our Darth Vader gargoyle is not a gargoyle at all.

The gargoyles and grotesques weren’t the only cool things to see.  The intricate carvings throughout the Cathedral were phenomenal.  Just stunning and many you could get up close and see.


This carving below, which isn’t really a carving, but more of a representation of Judas.  I am not sure why this one moved me but it did.  It kind of made me sad but I’m not really sure why.  Have you ever come across something that struck a chord with you?


Moving on to the gift shop.  I LOVE gift shops as I can usually find something unique and interesting that catches my eye.  That day was no exception.


And as expected, they had a lot of angel stuff.

DSC06269DSC06270DSC06272  DSC06275 

And one of my favorite verses of all time. 


Now what could the other stuff be?  I’m so glad you asked!  Here are some other things that caught my eye.

Maybe I think odd things are cool but look at this.  I can’t remember what exactly it is…but I liked it.


Helen Keller is buried at the Cathedral.  See how the plaque is worn where the Braille is?  It’s because everyone touches it when they pass by it.  Including me.  Cool stuff.


I like this because it’s old.  And it’s a water fountain.  Water is refreshing.  Don’t you agree?


This is a cool view.  I dig cool views.


This is Marvin in the phone booth.  Except there was no longer a phone there so he used his iPhone.  He’s great at thinking of alternative solutions to a problem.  Like being in a phone booth that has no phone.  Why was he there to begin with?  Because my dad was a phone man so I tend to take a lot of pics of cool phones and phone booths…that’s why.  And he always agrees to model for me.  What?  You don’t do anything weird like that? 


This stone is from Mount Sinai.  That’s cool to me.


Ornamented first century stone fragment from along the Appian Way (Queen of Roads) leading into Rome.  Well, that’s pretty interesting too.


Okay this is a bathroom.  I totally have a thing about bathrooms.  Not necessarily a phobia or anything but some idiosyncrasies about them.  But that’s really a topic for another time.  But this is one of the bathrooms in the Washington National Cathedral.  Just in case you were wondering. 


What cool things interest you?  Feel free to share….

(((hugs))) ~lisa


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