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Snowman Terra Cotta Pots

I absolutely LOVE Pinterest!  There are so many super cute ideas and pinning them is so much fun!  On my Pinterest board, ho…ho…ho…holiday cheer, I have several ideas that I wanted to try and make for this holiday season.  As you can see, if you glanced at my board it is filled with snowmen ideas.  I just LOVE snowmen! 

You need just a few things to recreate these adorable little pots. 

  • Terra cotta pots
  • White spray paint
  • Acrylic paint in black and orange
  • Netting/tulle or cellophane
  • Peppermints
  • Ribbon to tie up the packages

To begin, make sure the pots are clean and free of dust and dirt. 


Next, paint the pots evenly with the white spray paint.  My fabulous assistant (aka my awesome husband) used a screw/bolt with a head larger than the hole in the bottom of the pot and used it to hang the pot so he could spray paint it easily.  It worked like a charm!



We then set them out to dry and the lovely Texas sun.


I also painted a few of the pots with regular acrylic paint.  We’ll see at the end if they turned out differently. 

I painted on the black rim.  And ended up doing two coats for better coverage. 


Next I traced on the eyes and the carrot nose with a pencil.  I then used black paint for the eyes/mouth and orange for the nose. 


I think the mouth looks a little wide so I may repaint them.  We’ll see. 

I had purchased some tulle already cut into 10” circles to make it easier on myself and put a handful of peppermints in the center of each one.  I then placed it in the pot.  It did not leave enough to tie off with a ribbon so I now have 25 10” tulle circles to use for another project! 

I then bought some gallon sized plastic bags at the dollar store and guess how much they cost me?  That’s right, a dollar!!!  haha!!  I cut them to make sort of a cone and then filled it up with peppermints and placed it inside the pot.  Wrapped it up with a cute bit of ribbon and there you have it!! 


  • What fun things have you found on Pinterest lately? 
  • What types of crafts have you been working on?

(((hugs))) ~lisa


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