Hotel Vanity Kit

On our recent trip to the O’Brien Historic Boutique hotel in the wonderful San Antonio, TX (one of my favorite cities), I was delighted to find a “Vanity Kit” in the bathroom amidst the Joseph Abood soaps and toiletries.  What would be found nestled inside this sweet little box?  We will soon find out…


Honestly, I really had no idea what would be included.  I mean, what do you think is in a Vanity Kit?  I opened it up and at first glance I could see something that looked like q-tips and some cotton things.


I wasn’t sure exactly what was included so I gingerly took the small package out of the box.  The anticipation was killing me!  😉


Inside the box was an emery board, some very soft cotton squares and several q-tips.  I suppose that those items could take care of just about any vanity need that I may have.


I of course googled “hotel vanity kit” and apparently there’s a whole industry for this.  Who knew? 

(((hugs)))  ~lisa




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