US Capitol

The US Capitol is where the House and Senate make our nation’s law.  Our tour was arranged through our Congressman and I recommend this because there are typically a lot less folks on the tour than the regular general tours.  Here’s a pic of where folks line up for the regular tours. 


On the day we went the lines weren’t too bad.  Our tour was just my husband and I as the other three folks scheduled to join us did not show up.  Sweet for us!! 

There are tons of books and blogs about touring the Capitol and the important things to see but I didn’t read any of them.  Our tour guide was super new, we were his very first tour, so we just decided to kind of wing it. 

Here are the things that caught my attention and why.

My husband was a mailman and we were in DC because that’s where he wanted to visit to celebrate his retirement.  Pretty much anytime I see a mailbox, a mailman or even just mail…I think of him. 


And my dad was a phone man so of course every time I see a phone I think of him.


You hardly ever see these anymore.  And seriously, who still uses a phonebook? 


I’m on a very important call.


I have this *thing* about bathrooms.  It’s a long story that I’ll share at another time but check out this pic of these awesome vintage chairs in the restrooms in the Rayburn building.



In our Congressman’s office there is a clock. 


Did you notice those circles at the top?  Well they, along with these bell tones you will hear, mean something. 


Our feet in the center of the Capitol.  I strongly recommend wearing really great walking shoes.  TONS of walking happens when touring DC.


One of the chambers where I’m sure very important stuff happened.


A cool view of a ceiling.


Some really cool ceiling art.


A closer look at the cool ceiling art.


A very awesome chandelier. 


We also happened across this which was awesome to see.


Of course I had to get a dome shot.


I saw another mail slot. 


Then it was back to the Metro.


And up another loooooong escalator. 


Have you been to DC?  What was your favorite part of the city?

(((hugs))) ~lisa


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