US Marine Corps War Memorial

As we headed back to the hotel from visiting the Kennedy Center we had to walk to our hotel as the shuttle wasn’t running at that time.  Our hotel was within walking distance of the Marine Memorial and as we neared our hotel we heard the sounds of a band.  I LOVE bands so I was excited to see what was happening. 

As we approached we could see there was a large crowd gathered at the US Marine Corps War Memorial and that is where the music was coming from.  We took a detour to see what was going on. 


We learned that during the summer months, every Tuesday there is a performance by the Marine Silent Drill Platoon.  There is also a performances every Friday at the Marine Barracks in DC and you can click HERE for the schedule.





Navy recruits watching the performance.



After the performance was over the crowds gathered around the memorial to take photos.  The Marines that performed as well as other Marines were on hand and were so engaging and welcoming.  They answered questions and took photos with folks.  It was a really great experience. 


I would highly recommend you attending a performance if you are in DC!  It was an awesome experience. 

(((hugs)))  ~lisa


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