How to update a plain light switch

For those of you observant folks who read my Office/Craft Space reveal, you may have noticed the light switch had a makeover!  Here is the before:


Gather your supplies, paper or fabric to adhere to your switch plate, scissors, pencil, mod podge and a sponge applicator or something to apply the mod podge.


To create this light switch cover makeover, you need to measure the cover.  The sizes can vary which I did not know prior to trying this.


Choose what you are going to cover it with.  Paper, fabric, rhinestones or even parts of a watch will work.  Be creative and let it be an expression of you.  I chose a map as it reminds me of taking a road trip and I love to travel!


I cut out a portion of the map a little bigger than the cover.  Grabbed some mod podge and a sponge to apply it. 

I placed the cover on top of the map and outlined the area I was using.  I also faintly outlined where the switch was as well as marked with circles where the screws would go. 

The pic below was actually my first attempt but I wasn’t happy with how it turned out so I made another one.  This project is so inexpensive because the only real cost is whatever you are covering it with and some mod podge.  If you mess up you can pick up another light switch cover for less than a buck.


I then mod podged it on and after it dried I put it on the wall.


The portion of the map I chose has El Paso, where my gramma, and yes I *know* that you don’t spell grandma that way but we do…anyways that’s where my gramma and some relatives live.  On it as well as Ciudad Juarez where my dad is from.  Like I said, you can cover yours with just about anything.  Maps, pages from a book, sheet music, craft paper, fabric…just about anything! 


What DIY projects have you tried lately?

(((hugs))) ~lisa


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