Our Today Show Experience & the Property Brothers

Let me go on record and say that I know that I took a ridiculous amount of pics when were at the Today Show.  I will spare you and not make this a complete photo dumping post but let me just say…the Property Brothers (from HGtv) are awesome!

We arrived around 6am for this show.  I was super excited because I LOVE watching the Property Brothers!  When you arrive we got in line and there was a food truck there with complimentary coffee and muffins.  We had pre-registered HERE and once they allowed us to start going, in we were able to bypass the kiosks where some had to stop to fill in info. 

The super cool thing about the Today Show was they actually provided poster board, markers and even sticker letters to make a sign.  I thought that was super awesome so I created this:


We took our spot where they were going to film the Property Brothers segment and while we waited I had a chance to meet Alex on the Plaza!


We also saw Tamron Hall!  Loved her dress and coat.


My hubby got a pic with Willie Geist.


They suggested we move to the other side by the arch to be seen on tv but me, and the two girls next to me, were staying put so we didn’t lose our spot.  I did send M to go and try to get on tv as he was taller and could be more easily seen.  :

The Property Brothers came out and they were joking around just like they do on tv. 







They came over to where we were standing and Drew took this awesome selfie of all of us!

1403508_10202681315932152_603733499568252619_o (1)

And I got another photo with Jonathan photo-bombing us.


Some more behind the scenes shots.




Up close and personal with the Property Brothers as they signed our poster!!


And took selfies with our new NYC friends.


After the show they chill-axed on the couch for a bit.


And here are some screen shots of the show that M and I are in! 









And the completely :: BEST PIC OF ALL TIME :: is this awesome photo with Jonathan and I being photo-bombed by JD and Drew!!!


If you can’t tell, I had an *A*M*A*Z*I*N*G time!! 

(((hugs))) ~lisa

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