Crock Pot Italian Chicken


‼️ALERT‼️ Easy crock pot dinner 🍽 recipe coming your way…

We call this dinner “Italian Chicken” 🇮🇹 🐓 and it is so super easy ✨ you will probably wonder why you’ve never tried this before.

You will need:
🔹 boneless, skinless chicken 🐔 breasts
🔹 1 large bottle of Italian dressing
🔹 cooked rice 🍚

🔺Now I use frozen chicken 🐓 and I put that in the crockpot first. I know they say you shouldn’t but that’s what I do. How many you are feeding will determine the amount of chicken you use.
🔺 I then add the large bottle of Italian dressing on top and then cook on low for 4-6 hours. I like to use a lot of dressing so if I’m making a big batch of this I will use more than 1 bottle.
🔺 I then serve it over rice and that’s it. Yes…..I know what you are thinking….that’s it?

Yes….that’s it. That’s all the steps.

And you are probably thinking BUT WAIT!! 😯 There has to be more steps!

There’s not. That’s it. I know….you are welcome. ☺️

I typically don’t serve this with any sides or anything and we use the extra juice (Italian dressing) and spoon that on top of the chicken and rice. So yummy.


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