We have exciting news!!


And I keep wanting to talk about our house plans, and the layout, and the colors we want to use, and….and…and….you get the idea! It’s just going to be such a fun and exciting and yes, somewhat stressful journey but I can’t wait to share all of that with y’all!


As some of you already know, this is why I rebranded and changed my IG, YouTube and blog name to Our Gray House.  Because we are building a house and it’s gray and a lot of my content going forward is going to center around that.

I hope y’all stay around for the journey!  If you have any house building tips or advice, please share it with me!

(((hugs))) ~lisa


3 thoughts on “We have exciting news!!

  1. I really like your plan!! Congratulations!! Just a few comments – could you add a door to the master water closet? One thing that most of our homeowners decide to do is add an impact resistant shingle – there is an increase in cost up front but there is an insurance discount. This could be too big ticket but foam insulation would be great. Your home is basically a big cooler and your attic storage is way more functional because it isn’t so hot up there. I really like that your master closet opens to the utility room – you’ll enjoy that so much. You have great function in your secondary bedrooms with the jack/jill bath. I can’t read what is to the left of the range but you might consider centering the range on that wall. Three car garage – love that!! I have told David that if we ever build I would want at least a 36″ range rather than a 30″. Have you considered where you’ll place your TV in your Great Room? Looks like you’ll have to do above the fireplace. I’m only commenting because too often future homeowners look at the floor plan but pay little or no attention to the electric plan. You’ll want to be sure to have plenty of lighting and plenty of electrical outlets – often in kitchens we’ll do plug mold under the cabinets rather than traditional electrical outlets in the backsplash. When I do a specifications meeting with a future homeowner we always review the electric plan – and they usually admit that they haven’t even looked at it. I can get a more accurate proposal and avoid future change orders to the homeowner when I have items clearly marked on the plans. I don’t know if your builder will do an electric walk that you attend – if they don’t many of the electric adds won’t be caught until after drywall and those revisions cost more money.
    OK – so I had more than a few comments. I’m so excited for you and I look forward to following on your journey.

    PS – if you want me to not be so opinionated just let me know – I can keep my comments limited to lemon twists toy comments. LOL

    1. We are doing foam and I will look into the impact resistant shingles. Our oven is to the left of the cooktop. Yes, we’ve looked over the electrical and are trying to make sure we are adding electricity everywhere it makes sense to us. Currently, we are not putting any on the living room floor since we don’t want any lamps restricting the view. We’ve gotten a lot of feedback telling us to put lamps there but still we hesitate 😉 I work 5 minutes from the house site, so we are definitely close enough to be available for walk-thrus etc. I told my builder we’ll be there often and I’m sure he’s thrilled 😂

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