My Favorite Soup at Fish City Grill

Y’all – I cannot *not* tell you about this. I mean, we are friends, right?  And friends tell each other the best secrets. And sharing is caring so I HAVE to tell y’all!!  The Roasted Jalapeño Soup is amazing.  It’s a Fish City Grill original recipe, creamy and spicy and it hits the spot.


My hubby and I are in love with the Roasted Jalapeño Soup at Fish City Grill.  The first time we had it was several years ago.  We were meeting friends there for dinner and they gave us a sample.  My husband immediately ordered a bowl and we weren’t even all seated yet!  THAT is how good it is! .

And yes, I know it’s summer, so not a typical dish that you would want but do I need to say it again? It is THAT good!

If we are ever in the area, we do our best to stop by and get a bowl. Because #yummy4mytummy !! Have you ever been? What’s your favorite thing on the Fish City Grill menu?

 (((hugs))) ~lisa


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