Silence and Respect – Arlington National Cemetery

Silence and Respect

After exploring around Fredericksburg, VA, we decided to go ahead and stop at Arlington National Cemetery

On our way there we saw Air Force Memorial.  This is my only shot of it as we forgot to find it once inside the cemetery.  Now how could I forget? I’m not sure but I did.  

Air Force Meorial

I had really been looking forward to visiting there and the first thing we did was look up the gravesites of two heroes.  We had never actually met them in person, but one was a friend of a friend and the other was a son of a friend, so we wanted to honor our friendships by paying our respects to their loved ones. 

My friend Cathy is someone that I met online when I learned that her son had been in a bad car accident.  He was stationed in Japan at the time and Cathy rushed to be by his side and stayed by his side until he passed nearly 6 1/2 months later.  Her courage and love and strength was amazing and inspiring to me.  I just knew that our visit to Arlington National Cemetery would not be complete without stopping to visit her son Bryce


I have another amazing and inspiring friend, CMSgt Juan Lewis and he is known as The Fired Up Chief with PEP (Pride, Enthusiasm and Passion).  I had seen the Chief mention his friend, Col. Bryan Gallagher several times and that he had visited his gravesite recently.  I took note of the name and our very first stop was to honor the friendship we have with the Chief and say hello and pay our respects to his friend.

Col. Gallagher 

I know we look hot – it’s because we are!  The weather in DC is much more humid than we are accustomed to.  Despite the weather, we were very happy to have been able to have the chance to visit these two heroes!  Do you have anyone that you know buried out at Arlington National Cemetery?

After our visit to Bryce and Col. Gallagher we headed toward the Tomb of the Unknowns to watch the Changing of The Guard.  Here’s my video of the ceremony.  Please note I am *not* a professional! 😉

Arlington National Cemetery is a place to honor, a place to remember and a place to explore.  The cemetery currently spans 624 acres and is the final resting place for more than 400,000 active duty service members, veterans and their families.  Service to country is the common thread that binds all who are remembered and honored here. 

While at Arlington National Cemetery you may see the laying of our Nation’s veterans (and their eligible family members) to rest with honor and respect.  Monuments, memorials and dedicated trees  commemorating individuals and significant events in our history.  Arlington National Cemetery is a living tribute to our Nation’s past. 

As we walked through the grounds it was a humbling and moving experience.  DSC06003

We also made it a point to go and see the gravesite of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy and family. 


Some views from Arlington National Cemetery.


A great experience and one I encourage you NOT to miss. 

As always, I did get a patch to add to my collection.  

ANC patch 

(((hugs))) ~lisa


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