How to make a Bobby Pin Holder

I’m always searching for bobby pins in my drawer and I figured this would be a great way to keep them together and be something cute to make. 

To make these bobby pin holders you will need:

A magnetic paper clip dispenser –find similar here
Some craft/scrapbook paper
Mod Podge and applicator (I used a sponge/foam paintbrush)
Scissors, paper cutter
Bobby pins


I laid out the paper, measured the magnetic paper clip holder and traced a line to cut the paper into strips the width of the holder and the length to be enough to wrap around the holder with just a little overage. 



I then dipped the sponge applicator in the Mod Podge, coated the magnetic paper clip holder one side at a time while adhering the paper to it. 



So my first few attempts resulted in this.



If you will notice there is some extra paper on the corners.  I hadn’t noticed that the paper clip holder was not perfectly square. 

ms hobby lobby 030

Well, that will just not do so I laid the holder on a piece of paper to create a pattern. 


I then used the pattern to draw lines on the paper. 


I cut “slits” so that the paper would lay better on the holder as I was adhering it.


Then I repeated the Mod Podge and adhering steps listed above.

TA-DAH!!!  This is the result!  Pretty cute if I do say so myself!  


You can do them in a variety of colors and can even use fabric, although I will say cutting the fabric was a little more tedious so I stuck with the paper.

For now, I am not going to add the paper to the top but you could to give it an even more finished look.  And if you are feeling super creative there are also lots of fun embellishments you could add such as ribbon, twine or even bedazzle it or add some beads! 


These make great stocking stuffers and are pretty quick to put together.

Let me know what you think and if you’ve tried something similar! 

Happy crafting!!

(((hugs))) ~lisa







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