Gateway Arch – St. Louis

When we went to Ft. Leonard Wood, MO we took a day trip to the Gateway Arch.  It was just a couple of hours away and a great excuse for a road trip.  It may seem weird to take a road trip while on a road trip but that’s how we do!

On the way we saw this.


What the heck?  It’s like a frozen waterfall or something??  I’d never seen that before.  Have you?  I mean besides if you live in Missouri and have traveled the particular stretch of road between Ft. Leonard Wood and St. Louis in early February?

We arrived in the city and I was so excited to see the arch!


We got up close and personal and it looks amazing!


Here we are in front of the arch getting ready to take the tour.  


Here we are with Keirsten, our granddaughter.


It’s very tall! 


Are you claustrophobic?  Are you afraid of heights?  Well if you are then this attraction is not for you.  To get to the top of the arch you must ride this tram type thing.  This ride to the top lasts about 4 minutes so if you think you can go inside this door…


…and feel comfortable riding in this pod type thing…


…then go for it!!  I’m a little bit of both but I’m not too bad.  I didn’t time the ride up but it went quick enough for me.  It is an enclosed pod but the door is glass and you can see the inside of the arch (and possible escape routes…haha!) on the way up and down.  Once you get to the top the room you are in feels fine…but you are up pretty high.  The views though, are spectacular.








At the tallest point of the arch.  Which is apparently also taller than the Space Needle (Seattle, WA – 605 feet); the Washington Monument (Washington D.C. – 555 feet 5 1/8 inches); Coast Redwood (CA – 379 feet); Giant Sequoia (CA – 307 feet); Statue of Liberty (New York City, NY – 305 feet) or the Space Shuttle (Kennedy Space Center, FL – 184 feet).  Great facts to know!


I love postcards and as a kid we used to mail them when we were on vacation.  Lately I’ve been on a single person mission to revive the postcard industry!  I think folks love getting mail and so I try to send a postcard when we are on our travels to our grandkids and to our three little nieces. 



I also am a big fan of our National Parks.  Now that my hubby is 62 he qualified for the Senior Pass!  WoooHooo!!  I have a National Parks passport book that I get stamped when I visit.  I also try to buy the corresponding sticker.


In addition to that I also collect patches!  I think I am going to eventually make a rag quilt with all of them.  I have quite a few and this is my latest one.


Have you been to the Gateway Arch?  Did you enjoy it?  Do you collect anything from your trips?

(((hugs))) ~lisa


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