Our Good Morning America Experience

We got an early start to our day as we wanted to make sure and get a good spot on the Good Morning America show so we could be seen on tv.  I mean who knows?  This could be my lucky break!  😉


We arrived around 6am and the barricade that you stand around was almost full.  We got the last two front row spots. 

This is, and would be, our point of view for the next 3 hours.

DSC04745 .

You can see Robin Roberts on the camera…. ::squeeeeee::


We are getting closer to something happening!!


We didn’t know it until they came out but Neon Trees was there!


We were so close!! 


I love seeing “behind the scenes” things happening. 


DSC04784 .

And here comes Ginger Zee!


This guy was the audience coordinator by day, actor by night.


And here’s Robin!


And George…




And my hubby got a great pic with Robin!!!  I was so excited!


I was up close and personal with Ginger!


And of course we told all of our family and friends that we were going to be on tv.  Several friends taped the show and sent us screen shots of when we were on.

Here we are on the right with me waving at the camera and Marvin holding his, “It’s my birthday” sign.




Marvin had moved aside to let the lady on my left get an autograph.  And then she wouldn’t move to let him back in so I did my best to wave and was just hoping he would be on tv again too.  And there he is in the back!!  Can you see him?


I have no idea why I am waving so wildly at the camera.


Okay – in this shot I think I look like some kind of muppet or something.  I mean I’m so short I think I look silly.


In these next shots I am holding onto the barricade for dear life and I don’t know why!  haha!!



Notice the pen in my hand?  Like I’m going to take notes or something??  Honestly, I had the pen out because some of the cast had signed our sign. 


Again with the wildly waving hand. 


And the infamous pen used by the cast to sign our poster.  Yes, that’s an orange piece of paper with my name written on it.  I used to use that pen at work and that helped it from walking off as pens so often do.


Here’s our poster.  Please excuse my messy craft desk in the background. 


Robin Roberts’ autograph.


And an autograph from George Stephanopoulos.


I had researched a bit about watching GMA live and I read that you could tour the studio.  Apparently, that was not current info but I didn’t know it at the time so I asked the door attendant where the tour was.  He indicated that we just needed to go around to the doors on the side of the building and ask there so we headed that way. 

We turned the corner and they had it partially blocked off.  A celebrity,Sofía Vergara, was exiting the building and we had to wait.  I was able to snap a pic so that was cool!


We found out that tours were no longer available, however, they did allow us to join a group that were going in to be on a segment of GMA Live!  Here’s the clip of that show:

If you are heading to NYC and would like to see GMA and try to be on tv then CLICK HERE.

We had a super fun time even though it was a bit chilly out *AND* we were able to meet some of the cast, get on tv and get a couple of autographs!!

(((hugs))) ~lisa


Dinner at Sardi’s and some Times Square fun

We freshened up and headed out the door to Sardi’s for dinner. 

As we arrived we spotted our very first NYPD car!  Not quite the same as what the Law & Order characters drive but close enough! 


If you notice there is some “stuff” right outside the car door.  The cop was eating sunflower seeds and throwing the shells out the window.  I’m pretty sure that’s littering and I should have made a citizen’s arrest, right? 

Also on the way we saw steam coming out of the manhole covers.  May not be exciting to y’all but I’d never seen that and thought it was cool. 


We arrived at Sardi’s early for our reservation but they went ahead and seated us.  I recommend making a reservation as seating, especially before and after the shows, fills up fast. 

In the heart of New York’s Theater District, Sardi’s has been the toast of Broadway for 90 years. Located at 234 West 44th Street the restaurant is open Tuesday through Sunday for lunch and dinner. Late supper is served from Tuesday through Saturday.


Here I am in front of some of the caricatures that cover the walls.


And a shot of my handsome hubby.


One thing that I remembered from my younger days was that Kermit the Frog was in the movie, The Muppets Take Manhattan and there is a scene that was filmed in Sardi’s.  Kermit the Frog is portrayed as a mustachioed Broadway producer and he took down Liza Minnelli’s caricature and replaced it with his own.  Here’s the scene: Kermit in Sardi’s

They still have the caricature up and it’s located upstairs near the restroom.


Who knows who this caricature is of?


For those that are interested, I consider the price of food in NYC to be a bit on the expensive side.  Our dinner at Sardi’s for two entrees, 2 sodas and 2 desserts came to $98 including tip.  Notice we did not have any adult beverages and it was still high!  It was our first night in NYC, we knew going in that Sardi’s was a bit expensive so we decided to splurge a little.

After dinner we went off to explore Times Square for a bit.


My very handsome husband. 


We actually made it up on the jumbotron!


That’s us in the center at the very back of the crowd.  The guy in the green jacket is to our right in the pic.

Remember when I mentioned “characters” on Times Square?  Well, we ran into my favorite, Cookie Monster, and I took a pic with him!  I knew they expected a tip so as my husband reached to get it Cookie Monster says a $5 or $10 will do…say WHAT??  FIVE or TEN DOLLARS??  Are you crazy?  I don’t think so scooter.  We gave him $2 and thanked him for his time.  I get that they are trying to make some money but c’mon. 


We were having a blast!


First 1/2 day in NYC was a success!!  More fun to come.

(((hugs))) ~lisa


Heading to NYC

It was time for our big trip of the year!  We were heading to NYC and I was super excited! 

Maxi dresses are very comfortable for traveling.  I bought this super cute dress at JCPenney and they even had it in a petite size!  High 5 for clothes for short people!


Here we are, getting ready to take off!  Traveling is so much fun when you have a great travel buddy.


We LUV flying on Southwest Airlines!  Just wish it flew into Rapid City in South Dakota and the Pasco Airport in Washington.  Can someone make that happen for me?! 


One of my favorite parts about flying is the people watching and reading through the magazines in the seat pocket in front of me. 

And of course the snacks…haha!!


You can learn some cool stuff from the Spirit Mag such as it used to take 27 hours to make a Peep!  Who knew?!  Well…now I do!!


And this kind of stuff just cracks me up.


After a brief layover in St. Louis we FINALLY arrived at our destination. 


Now to take our first taxi cab ride in NYC. 



The taxi ride from LaGuardia to Times Square was around $57.  That included the toll and tip.  You can pay with a credit/debit card which made it super easy.


The East River – we hear about this a lot when we watch Law & Order.



In NYC there are “characters” on Times Square that you can take pics with.  They of course want a tip but more on that later.  Sad to say but they are just humans dressed up as those characters.  What a let down.  


But seriously, I wish they would stay “in character” in case a younger kid might see them walking down the street. 


But I won’t let that get me down because WooHoo!!  We are in NYC baby!


Now time to freshen up, head to dinner and have some fun.

Have you ever been to NYC?  What was your favorite part? 

(((hugs))) ~lisa


The Clement Railroad Museum and the Hobo Alphabet

Did you even know that there was a Hobo Alphabet?  I guess I kind of knew that there was one.  You know, back in the dark corner of my mind but never really thought about it until we stopped at the Clement Railroad Museum in Dickson, Tennessee. 

Located inside what is known as the Halbrook Hotel, it opened in June 2009, and focuses on local history, including the Civil War and local railroads. 

our trip 490

blog 009blog 012

I absolutely LOVE to look at museums, particularly smaller ones as there are so many cool things to see and learn about.

our trip 436

 our trip 442

I just can’t imagine using a chamber pot.  I guess they were kind of like the pre-cursors to the porta-pottie? 

 our trip 444

Coca-Cola stuff!

 our trip 445

 our trip 446

 our trip 447

Interesting info about Cheerios and Confederate money.

 our trip 462

our trip 453

I’d like to be a judge for a minute so I could bang the gavel and shout, “ORDER IN THE COURT!!”  C’mon…you know you’d do it too.

 our trip 466

 our trip 468

Old phones remind me of my dad who was a phone man. 

 our trip 469

On the 2nd level they had these cool trains set up.  It was fun talking to the docent about it. 

 our trip 471

 our trip 472

You would think that this would be common sense but I guess not. 

 our trip 474

Look at this super cool vintage Royal stove!

 our trip 481

  All that was pretty cool but then I spotted this little info card.

blog 011

Here’s the flip side

blog 010

I think I might write a letter to my kids using the Hobo Alphabet.  I am not sure if they will think that is as cool as I do!  haha!!

So there ya go!  The Hobo Alphabet.  I know this is a life changing moment but try to control yourself. 

(((hugs)))  ~lisa


Gateway Arch – St. Louis

When we went to Ft. Leonard Wood, MO we took a day trip to the Gateway Arch.  It was just a couple of hours away and a great excuse for a road trip.  It may seem weird to take a road trip while on a road trip but that’s how we do!

On the way we saw this.


What the heck?  It’s like a frozen waterfall or something??  I’d never seen that before.  Have you?  I mean besides if you live in Missouri and have traveled the particular stretch of road between Ft. Leonard Wood and St. Louis in early February?

We arrived in the city and I was so excited to see the arch!


We got up close and personal and it looks amazing!


Here we are in front of the arch getting ready to take the tour.  


Here we are with Keirsten, our granddaughter.


It’s very tall! 


Are you claustrophobic?  Are you afraid of heights?  Well if you are then this attraction is not for you.  To get to the top of the arch you must ride this tram type thing.  This ride to the top lasts about 4 minutes so if you think you can go inside this door…


…and feel comfortable riding in this pod type thing…


…then go for it!!  I’m a little bit of both but I’m not too bad.  I didn’t time the ride up but it went quick enough for me.  It is an enclosed pod but the door is glass and you can see the inside of the arch (and possible escape routes…haha!) on the way up and down.  Once you get to the top the room you are in feels fine…but you are up pretty high.  The views though, are spectacular.








At the tallest point of the arch.  Which is apparently also taller than the Space Needle (Seattle, WA – 605 feet); the Washington Monument (Washington D.C. – 555 feet 5 1/8 inches); Coast Redwood (CA – 379 feet); Giant Sequoia (CA – 307 feet); Statue of Liberty (New York City, NY – 305 feet) or the Space Shuttle (Kennedy Space Center, FL – 184 feet).  Great facts to know!


I love postcards and as a kid we used to mail them when we were on vacation.  Lately I’ve been on a single person mission to revive the postcard industry!  I think folks love getting mail and so I try to send a postcard when we are on our travels to our grandkids and to our three little nieces. 



I also am a big fan of our National Parks.  Now that my hubby is 62 he qualified for the Senior Pass!  WoooHooo!!  I have a National Parks passport book that I get stamped when I visit.  I also try to buy the corresponding sticker.


In addition to that I also collect patches!  I think I am going to eventually make a rag quilt with all of them.  I have quite a few and this is my latest one.


Have you been to the Gateway Arch?  Did you enjoy it?  Do you collect anything from your trips?

(((hugs))) ~lisa


What do you remember about your elementary school years?

Apparently I don’t remember all that much.  I do remember that I went to Grafton Village Elementary School


For 1st grade I had Ms. Potter.  I remember she used to wear her sweater over her shoulders and had black hair.  I used to wear my sweater like that too.  She was very nice and I remember her being patient.  One thing that stands out about 1st grade is that we used to have these workbooks that had this piece of plastic that you would put over the page and you would use a to mark your answers.  My rag that I used to erase the marks was actually one of my sisters’ old cloth diapers.  She, my sister, was allergic to pampers so she had to use cloth diapers.  That’s a story for another day.  The workbook had “characters” in it and one was a yellow poodle looking dog named Nip, and an ant named Ant.  If anyone has a copy of that workbook or a pic of Nip and/or Ant I would LOVE to see it.  Interesting that that is one of the standout memories for me from 1st grade.


In 2nd grade I had Ms. Kerwin.  I always kind of wondered whatever happened to her.  One thing I remember about her is she had really pretty hair.  Sometime during that year I had my ears pierced.  It was at a store called Leggett’s (now called Belk’s).  Back then they put a piece of ice on my earlobe to numb it and then used the earring to pierce my ear.  I actually still have one of the studs.  I don’t want to brag or anything, but it still fits. 

Sadly I don’t remember all of my teachers.  I do remember Ms. Suddeth.  She was either my 3rd or 4th grade teacher and I remember her wearing these awesome navy blue bell bottom pants.  She also had naturally wavy hair.  When I was at Grafton some of the grades were in these “open” wings and there weren’t any walls separating the rooms.  They instead had these really large dividers separating the “rooms” from each other. 

Of course I remember some of the kids as well.  In one class there was another girl named Lisa and her last name was Brown.  Tommy Sullivan was in one of my classes and I remember he liked to draw sharks.  He was good at it too, as best as I can remember.  There was also a girl named Joy in the class.  She had a leg brace on one of her legs, she had short red hair and smiled a lot.  Kind of weird the things you remember. 

I went to Edward E. Drew, Jr. Middle School and the teacher I remember there was Ms. Collie.  She wore heels a lot.  I was the class representative or something and had to sign all of our ID cards for some reason.  I was in the track club there too.  I actually don’t remember much besides that. 


I guess one of my strongest memories that I have revolves around a water tower at the elementary school.  Back then for PE, we used to run to and from the back of the school to the water tower.  At least that’s how I remember it.  And in my dream, I’ve run up to the water tower and as I am running back for some reason the water tower is falling towards me and I don’t seem to be able to outrun it.  I actually have had that same dream many, many times.  Not sure exactly the meaning behind it all but on our trip to Fredericksburg I of course had to stop and see it.


It does not look the same.  I clearly remember it having 4 legs and of course there wasn’t a fence around it either.  I am assuming a new one was built or something. 


  • What teachers do you remember?
  • Do you have any recurring dreams?

(((hugs))) ~lisa


They say you can’t go home again. But have you ever tried?

Even though I lived in Fredericksburg, VA from around ages 5-11, the memories of my home there and the neighborhood is a bit sketchy. 

Here’s the pic of the house I grew up in. 


Here’s how the house looks today.


It’s kind of hard to see the house as all the trees and bushes have definitely grown!

I do remember my brother and I riding our bikes a lot.  My dad actually put together our bikes from parts that he salvaged from the local dump.  I must say my dad is a handy man.  My brother and I would ride over to a street called “Woodland Terrace”, which is just a couple of streets from our house.  My bike was black, with a white plastic basket that had flowers on it.  And it also had a really cool orange flag on the back of the seat.  We would attach playing cards to the spokes of our bikes with clothespins and they sounded really cool when we’d ride.  It’s okay to be jealous…it was pretty awesome.

During the summertime we would fill up these orange Tupperware containers with ice water and take them with us.  You know, in case we got thirsty on our adventures.


I called to ask my mom about the containers and if she still had them and guess what?  She did!!  WoooHooo!  She was about to give them away so I really lucked out.

I do remember my friends were a sister and brother named Donna and Tony.  There was a girl that lived in the two-story house on the corner named Barbie.  Around the corner, on Rogers St., Kristie, Karen and Shawn lived. 


There was a store back then called Earl’s.  At that time it was a grocery store.  It is now Earl’s True-Value Hardware but they did keep the original Earl signage. 


This is also where we got my first dog, Fonzie.


Speaking of dogs, when we first moved in there was a couple that lived next door.  They had a German Sheppard named King.  King bit me on the ear.  I think I was 5.  I recently asked my mom and dad about this and neither really remembers it.  Does this mean I made it up?  It’s possible.

As I mentioned before, my dad is very handy.  He made the brick fireplace you see above.  He also made the patio on the side of the house that you see in the middle pic above.  We used to jump rope there and it was a lot of fun. 

The patio also had a basketball hoop and we would play H-O-R-S-E.  And when I say we, I mean me, my brother AND my mom and dad.  I also used to skate on the patio with my skates that I attached to my tennis shoes and tightened with a key that I wore on a string around my neck.  Anyone remember those?  My whole family knows how to roller skate.  It’s one of the cool things about our family.  We always have had a lot of fun together.

I also remember this radio show that my folks would listen to.  I think it was called the Swap Shop or something like that.  I guess it was kind of like Craig’s List is today but old school.  Anyway, the theme of the song went something like this,

“Swap shop.  Swap shop.  Where the best bargains are always made!  Swap shop.  Swap shop.  Do you have something to sell or trade?” 

Funny the things remember.  Or think you remember. 

  • Have you ever tried to go home again? 
  • What are your memories of your childhood home?

(((hugs))) ~lisa