The Clement Railroad Museum and the Hobo Alphabet

Did you even know that there was a Hobo Alphabet?  I guess I kind of knew that there was one.  You know, back in the dark corner of my mind but never really thought about it until we stopped at the Clement Railroad Museum in Dickson, Tennessee. 

Located inside what is known as the Halbrook Hotel, it opened in June 2009, and focuses on local history, including the Civil War and local railroads. 

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I absolutely LOVE to look at museums, particularly smaller ones as there are so many cool things to see and learn about.

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I just can’t imagine using a chamber pot.  I guess they were kind of like the pre-cursors to the porta-pottie? 

 our trip 444

Coca-Cola stuff!

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Interesting info about Cheerios and Confederate money.

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I’d like to be a judge for a minute so I could bang the gavel and shout, “ORDER IN THE COURT!!”  C’mon…you know you’d do it too.

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Old phones remind me of my dad who was a phone man. 

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On the 2nd level they had these cool trains set up.  It was fun talking to the docent about it. 

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 our trip 472

You would think that this would be common sense but I guess not. 

 our trip 474

Look at this super cool vintage Royal stove!

 our trip 481

  All that was pretty cool but then I spotted this little info card.

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Here’s the flip side

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I think I might write a letter to my kids using the Hobo Alphabet.  I am not sure if they will think that is as cool as I do!  haha!!

So there ya go!  The Hobo Alphabet.  I know this is a life changing moment but try to control yourself. 

(((hugs)))  ~lisa


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