The Subway and our Yankee Stadium Tour

We had successfully navigated the DC Metro but found the NYC subway to be a whole new ball game.  They have so many trains running and you can’t connect to the other side without exiting and walking a few blocks…just very confusing to me but we tried to make the best of it. 

First point of confusion, what the heck does “Please dip your credit card” mean?  Of course we figured it out but it took me a second.


We were staying in NYC for a week so we purchased a 7-day unlimited pass on the recommendation of a friend who used to live there.  It was $62 for two passes.  I think it was a great choice considering we would have wasted some money when we got lost a couple of times. 


Our strategy was to basically just ask.  We’d ask our hotel clerk before we left what subway to take and then when we wanted to go somewhere else we’d ask the subway attendant or just a stranger on the street.  It maybe wasn’t the best solution but it worked well for us. 

Waiting at the track for our first ride.


And here it is!


We made it to Yankee Stadium in one piece and were eager to start our tour.  We had arrived early as we weren’t sure how the subway traffic would be on a Saturday so we were able to walk around for a bit beforehand. 


Here are some pics from our tour




My hubby acting as umpire.


Me stealing a kiss at home plate.


More of the tour…



My sister is NOT a fan of the Yankees so we got her this fancy personalized jersey while were there. 


Me, not passing up a high 5 opportunity.


I seriously got like 3 inches of air on that jump.

At the very end of the tour we were given these wristbands.


Not exactly sure what *magical* powers that the wristbands would bestow to us but I think one of them involved some sort of discount and the overpriced Hard Rock Cafe next door. 

I also found a smooshed penny machine while on the tour and was able to add another smooshed penny to my collection!!


There was another fellow there that was asking to go in and get a smooshed penny (it’s inside the stadium) and the lady wouldn’t let him without a ticket to the tour.  The machine was literally outside the side door and about 8 steps away and she wouldn’t let him go get one and didn’t offer to do it for him or help him in any way.  Another employee stepped up and went inside and got it for him which was awesome.  ::sigh::  I didn’t want to have to start a riot to get a fellow smooshed penny collector his penny!  😉


The tour cost us each $20 and I honestly didn’t get much out of it.  We didn’t get to go into the locker rooms, or on the field and we didn’t even get to sit in the stands.  Unless you are a Yankee’s fan, I’d put this low on the priority list of things to do and see in NYC but of course that’s just my 2-cents. 

Have you taken any tours lately?  What’s your favorite baseball team?

(((hugs))) ~lisa


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