Toys R Us Ferris Wheel and M&M World

We made a quick stop in Toys R Us.  Toy stores are always a fun place to visit and this one was no exception.

They had a Statue of Liberty – made out of Legos


And The Empire State Building out of Legos.  I seriously think the folks that make these things must have a lot of patience.  I don’t have that much patience to make something that would take that much time.


We spotted a Michelangelo mask.  Our grandson is crazy about the Ninja Turtles so whenever we see Ninja Turtle stuff it reminds us of him!


And that had this robotic dinosaur that was kind of cool.  It was like Jurassic Park in a way.  And the eyes on it kind of creeped me out a bit.


A super awesome thing is that the Toys R Us has an indoor Ferris wheel!


M taking a pic of me taking a pic of him. 



Y’all *know* I had to get my smooshed penny!


We had a good time and then we headed to M&M world.

Elvis has apparently *not* left the building. 


What M&M are you?


My color mood was Peanut Butter Mix.  I’m good with that.


What will M be?


As it turns out he is brown. 



Now isn’t this cute??


And another smooshed penny opportunity.



My mom looks for money when she goes walking so anytime we see money on the ground we take a pic of ourselves picking it up and send it to my mom.  Feel free to take a pic of yourself doing the same and send a pic to her…haha!


Yeah, I have no idea why M has his jacket half on and half off. 

Whoa!!!  The Property Brothers!!


Another fun day in NYC.

(((hugs))) ~lisa

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