How to make wood tea light candle holders

First you need some tree limbs.  Fortunately for me, my hubby was trimming the trees in the front yard anyway so the timing of this project was perfect.


I measured out the size that I wanted.  I decided to go with a trio of tea light holders measuring at 12”, 10” and 8”. 


Since I couldn’t hold the camera to take pics *and* saw the limb I asked my trusty assistant, aka my hubby, to do the honors.  Seriously, he really is very helpful and handy! 


After we cut the limb to the various desired lengths we had to drill out a place at the top for the tea lights.  To do that you will need a 1 1/2” spade drill bit.


The tree limb was not perfectly round so we placed an “x” as close to the center point as we could.  


My hubby then clamped the wood to his work bench and used his drill and 1 1/2” spade drill bit to create the hole that the tea light would set in.


Be sure to wear safety glasses when working as wood stuff will start flying everywhere and you don’t want it getting in your eyes. 

Let the drilling begin.



I don’t know if you can actually tell or not but the “floor” of the hole is uneven.  We seemed to have two areas that had a bit of a bump instead of being flat. 


We may not have been perfectly straight with the drilling and so my dad helped us out and smoothed the hole so the tea light would set in it more evenly.  The tea light should sit just slightly above the wood top to minimize the potential for the wood to catch fire. And of course, never leave a lit candle unattended. 


And here’s the finished product!  You could even set these in a pretty dish or add some greenery.  Think of the possibilities for dressing this up!


I hope this inspired you to upcycle something today! 

(((hugs))) ~lisa


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