My Breakfast at Tiffany’s Painting

I tried something fun and new last night.  I went to my very first painting class!  It was held at a place called, Painting With A Twist and the concept of the class is that it pairs instructional art with friends and a lively instructor to produce individual works of art.  You can bring wine or other beverages as well as snacks to the class.  It’s great for bridal or baby showers, bachelorette parties, or just a fun evening with friends.

Not really knowing anything about painting or how these classes work it was hard to know what to expect. 

I sat down and saw this…


And had these…


And of course there was this…


We did have an awesome teacher, Katie, who was there to guide us through each step.


I was sharing this experience with some awesome ladies, most of whom I just met last night! 


Okay y’all – let’s get started.


Basically you could loosely compare this to a paint by numbers kind of project.  But harder…haha!!  We had to mix paints, use different brushes and even pay attention!  😉 

Here is what we started with.  As you can see {if you look real close} the design is already lightly sketched onto the canvas.  So I didn’t have to learn how to draw AND paint in one class…haha!!


Katie, our instructor, started us off with the big flat brush and had us fill some of it in with just black.


I had actually painted down “too far” on the far right side of the page but no worries!  All the instructors are quick to come when you raise your hand for help! 

We mixed black and white to add gray to the canvas.


Started painting in the bottom portion.


Adding some detail with the smaller brush.


Working on “Audrey” now.


*FINALLY* painting the Tiffany box.


We added the bow and we were done!  I am now officially a painter! 


Our finished masterpieces!!


One of the cool things about the whole experience is how different yet the same each one is. 

This particular painting we did was not an easy one.  It was a three hour class and I still felt that I could have taken a little more time on some of the steps.  All in all I am very pleased with the results though and would definitely go again.

Here are some examples of other things that you can create at these classes.


This could be a couples painting or an individual piece.


And this super cool photo prop.






(((hugs))) ~lisa


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