Christmas Home Tour

Decorating this year for Christmas was a bit different.  Quite a lot different actually, since we are celebrating our first Christmas in our new house.

It was kind of interesting trying to figure out what I wanted to put where.  I didn’t even use all the decor that I had but I think that it all turned out fine.


We started off with a new 9′ pre-lit tree from At Home.  Our old one had a whole section of lights that didn’t work and it was shorter.  We wanted a bigger tree to fill the space better .

My theme this year, I mean if I am going to label it, is “woodsy Christmas”.  I have always enjoyed decorating with snowmen and now I am adding Christmas trees to the mix. I like to keep things simple. 🌲⛄️ The snowman on the left was a gift from years ago. My friend bought it for me at Canton First Monday. The baskets are mostly from Hobby Lobby, most of the trees are from there as well. The house on the right side is from another dear friend, and the basket on the bottom right holds all of my travel patches.


The gorgeous table in my entryway was handmade by my dad.



On this bottom shelf, on the far right, is a closer look at the wire basket filled with sew-on patches.  I spy one from the Ford Theater in D.C. and another from Dick’s 5& 10 which is from our recent trip to Branson, MO.


In the corner of our dining room I have a small pencil tree from At Home and then I arranged some little snowmen underneath it. I think it adds a little fun to my dining room area.


We have a built in hutch in our dining room area and I have this little tiered shelf with some little snowman, mugs and ornaments as decor.  I absolutely LOVE a tiered shelf!

This year we hosted our first ever Christmas party.  I hope to be able to do more entertaining in the coming year.


We have a side table in the living room so I used it to hold the desserts for the evening.  I made Brookies and Chocolate Crinkle Cookies.


I also hosted Bake N Take which is our annual Christmas cookie exchange and baking party.  The ladies in our family gather and we have such a good time.


Obviously my mom was the hardest worker there. 😉


No holiday season would be complete without a special treat from my mom.  Her delicious date-nut bread.


We had such a good time welcoming family and friends into our home this holiday season.  🎄🥰

I’d love to hear how your holiday season went!

(((hugs))) ~lisa


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