Spirit of Giving

This year Marvin and I wanted to be more intentional about our support of our friends in our community.  We wanted to show up for them in different ways.  On two different Fridays in January,  one of my preferred lender partners, Jen Aleman Salazar with Fairway Mortgage, and I delivered 60+ Sonic drinks to show some LOVE 🥰 to the staff at Beasley Elementary and 100+ Sonic drinks to the staff at Achziger Elementary.


Shoutout to the staff at Sonic who helped prepare the 🥤 drink order for us. We appreciate your hard work! The drinks were boxed up for us when we arrived to pick them up and they helped us load them into my car.

P.S. also, am I standing in a hole?


I am thankful for my partnerships with my lender and Sonic and that they were willing to also show some love to two local schools.

How are you intentionally showing some love and support today?


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