Showing love in different ways…


My hubby was out of town at a convention and the lawn needed mowing.  He normally takes care of all of that but  I decided to mow it for him so he wouldn’t have to deal with it when he got home.  It was hot.  And it took a while but I got it done.  And it was a way to show my husband that I love and appreciate him.  It is not a typical way to show someone that you love them but it can be an effective one.  And, it definitely helped me appreciate what he contributes to the relationship!

(((hugs))) ~lisa



Hide and Seek

My grandson loves to play hide and seek.


So every time we visit we play.

But this last time it got me to thinking about my goals and dreams.  Am I hiding from my dreams or seeking them out?

My ideas may seem silly to many but honestly I always want to live my life expressing myself creatively and to not waste time worrying about what others think.  So I will continue to make my YouTube videos, take my outfit of the day pics and just post about my awesome life because it makes me happy.  I hope that you do the things that make you happy.  Don’t hide from happiness and the things that contribute to it.  Seek it out.











Ready or not….here I come!

(((hugs))) ~lisa

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Snowman Terra Cotta Pots

I absolutely LOVE Pinterest!  There are so many super cute ideas and pinning them is so much fun!  On my Pinterest board, ho…ho…ho…holiday cheer, I have several ideas that I wanted to try and make for this holiday season.  As you can see, if you glanced at my board it is filled with snowmen ideas.  I just LOVE snowmen! 

You need just a few things to recreate these adorable little pots. 

  • Terra cotta pots
  • White spray paint
  • Acrylic paint in black and orange
  • Netting/tulle or cellophane
  • Peppermints
  • Ribbon to tie up the packages

To begin, make sure the pots are clean and free of dust and dirt. 


Next, paint the pots evenly with the white spray paint.  My fabulous assistant (aka my awesome husband) used a screw/bolt with a head larger than the hole in the bottom of the pot and used it to hang the pot so he could spray paint it easily.  It worked like a charm!



We then set them out to dry and the lovely Texas sun.


I also painted a few of the pots with regular acrylic paint.  We’ll see at the end if they turned out differently. 

I painted on the black rim.  And ended up doing two coats for better coverage. 


Next I traced on the eyes and the carrot nose with a pencil.  I then used black paint for the eyes/mouth and orange for the nose. 


I think the mouth looks a little wide so I may repaint them.  We’ll see. 

I had purchased some tulle already cut into 10” circles to make it easier on myself and put a handful of peppermints in the center of each one.  I then placed it in the pot.  It did not leave enough to tie off with a ribbon so I now have 25 10” tulle circles to use for another project! 

I then bought some gallon sized plastic bags at the dollar store and guess how much they cost me?  That’s right, a dollar!!!  haha!!  I cut them to make sort of a cone and then filled it up with peppermints and placed it inside the pot.  Wrapped it up with a cute bit of ribbon and there you have it!! 


  • What fun things have you found on Pinterest lately? 
  • What types of crafts have you been working on?

(((hugs))) ~lisa

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Crochet Bead Necklace

In my pursuit of all things crafty, I stumbled across a post about how to make a crochet bead necklace and knew I had to try it.  I mean, how hard could it be?

The materials you need to make this are some crochet thread, I used Aunt Lydia’s crochet thread in size Classic 10 (I clearly bought MORE than enough), a size B crochet hook, and some beads.


First need to string the beads onto the thread.  I ran into some trouble trying to do this as the head of the needles I tried to use were too big for the opening of the smaller beads.  I resorted to getting out a needle threader and doing it that way.  Took a little longer but worked just fine. 



Then begin with a simple chain stitch, I started with 10.  I then brought a bead up and did a chain stitch to anchor it.  I then crocheted 3 more chain stitches and then pulled another bead up.  I continued on until I had used all the beads.  



I think it turned out pretty cute and it was super easy to make!


Total cost of this project was $8.98. 

$2.99 for the thread and I obviously have a TON left over so you could purchase a much smaller amount.  I have this crafter’s fear of not having enough to complete the project and then if I go back to get more they won’t have what I need.  So yes, I overbought.  I spent $5.99 for the beads. I had a coupon for the thread so I got it for $1.79 at Michaels and the beads were on sale for $2.99 at Joanns so my total cost was $4.78.  I have some beads left over to make some earrings and a ridiculous amount of crochet thread for a future project. 

What crafts have you made lately?  Feel free to share!

(((hugs))) ~lisa


My necklace/bracelet jewelry holder

Who is addicted to Pinterest?  It’s okay…you can raise your hand…you are among friends here. 

I admit to having a slight addiction to Pinterest meaning that several times a day occasionally I will peruse all the boards and get lost in all the awesome things that I could create.  I was looking for a new way to hold my necklaces and bracelets so I turned to Pinterest for inspiration. 

I came across several ideas that would totally work and decided I could make one.  And when I say *I*, I mean my husband…haha!!  Here are some of the inspiration photos that I got off of Pinterest that got my creative juices flowing.

1 inspiration piece

I absolutely LOVE the hand doorknob in the pic above.  Isn’t it awesome?!  I couldn’t find it anywhere.  I even looked online so if you find it be sure and leave me a comment because even though the project is finished I will add that puppy somewhere in a heartbeat. 

FTL 17il_fullxfull.357660583_tq6y

These two pics were cool looking but I wanted something larger and of course…more awesome! 

But first things first.  This is the way I used to store my necklaces.

2 how i used to store my jewelry

I know, I know.  Not very creative really, but I didn’t have a whole lot of options.  I give myself some credit for thinking to use the hangers but I admit it’s not the best solution. 

And here are my bracelets.

4 storing my jewelry

Stored neatly….well let’s just say stored in these nice plastic trays that I’ve had forever.  Thank goodness I found some cool photos to inspire me.

Because I wasn’t following an actual pattern or anything we figured we would start planning the layout to determine what size boards to purchase.

6 planning it out1

Trying to figure out the spacing was a little tough.  We measured and tried to space things out to make it look a like they were randomly placed but making sure there was enough room between the knobs for the necklaces and bracelets to hang. 

5 plan it out5.1 planning the layout

If we ever did this project again, I would space the knobs a little differently.  Seems to be a little too much spacing between the bracelet knobs, but that is more of a design flaw and not on the part of the constructor as my hubby was laying it out as requested and he did a great job. 

7 layout complete - Copy8 laying out the knobs

After figuring out the dimensions, we purchased some 1/4” 2’x4’ MDF project panel board from Home Depot for around $15 including tax. 

I purchased knobs at Hobby Lobby (a local craft store in the area) in the clearance section for around $50 for 43 knobs.  You can find knobs at any home improvement store or craft/hobby shop.  I did find some really cool looking ones but they were $4 each!  Aaaccckkk!!!  I stuck with the knobs that were around $1 each. 

A buddy of mine gave me several door pulls and we used one on this project to hold some larger earrings that don’t fit in the containers I normally use.  I have plans to use the other door pulls for another project soon.  Be sure and check back and see what I’ve created. 

After purchasing the board Marvin did a test run to see how the knobs would work.

9 trial run  

Looks like it is going to work!  He adhered the knobs and he cut down the end of the screws on the knobs as they were made to fit drawers/cabinets and were too long. 

10 how does it look

I really liked how it was turning out.  Marvin then used some leftover paint from our master bedroom/bath remodel to paint the boards.

11 painting the boards

We gathered all the knobs and started attaching them to the boards. 

12 gathering knobs13 gathering knobs14 gathering knobs

We put it together and hung it up in our closet.  It looked close to what I had envisioned in my head but not quite there yet.

15 testing how it looks

Something seemed to be missing.

17 it needs something
Marvin thought it might look more “finished” if we put a frame around it.  He bought 3 strips of molding for around $3.70 each and cut them to fit the boards.  We then gave them to my dad because we needed clamps to hold the frame together while it dried.  My dad also let us know that they sell molding with a little ridge on the back that helps it make a better frame so you might want to ask at the home improvement store if they have anything like that. 

Almost there!  Now I just need to add my jewelry.  🙂  Doing a bit of a ::happy dance:: about how it turned out.  I’m not sure if I’m going to leave the frame white, paint it green or possibly paint it another color.  What do you think?

19 that's it

Dad also created a hanging device out of scrap wood.  There were two pieces to it.  One was attached to the back of the board and angled downward and it interlocked with a piece that you attach to the wall.

18.1 18.2 - Copy

The other piece that was attached to the wall was angled upward.

18.3 18.4

Tada!!!  The finished product!

21 finished piece

Marvin and my Dad did an awesome job of bringing to life what I had envisioned.  I think it looks awesome!  Now in the space right above the lower board I was thinking of putting our initial with buttons glued on it (another Pinterest inspiration) or maybe something else.  I was also thinking that since everything seems to be boxy looking I should try to put maybe an oval in that space.  Not sure why I’m so concerned with “decorating” my closet but those are just the things coming to my mind. 

So the total cost, not including the hanging piece my Dad made, was about $76 total.  Or about $38 for each one depending on how you like to look at things.  That’s not too bad for some custom pieces but if you are trying to keep costs low you could use scrap wood from previous projects and shop around a little more for the knobs.

22 23

  • What projects have you tried lately?
  • How do you store your jewelry?

(((hugs))) ~lisa